However it then makes mirc grab focus even if I'm using another program at the time whenever it refreshes... and always goes back to a little square box however many times I resize it or use Position > save
This is beause its a custom window. The size is set in the line:
window -ls @chanlist 10 100 788 200

also doesn't organise with the highest amount of users at the top which is quite important and missing the topics which I can do without I guess
It is sorting in alphanumeric order, note change in this line:
aline @chanlist $right($str(.,4) $+ $3,4) $2 $4-

not really sure what to do *sits on hands*
This is a common user error, place hands on the keyboard, type /help @window
/help /window
while mIRC is the active application

;;;; chanlist
raw 321:*: window -hn "Channels list" | if ($appactive == $true) { window -a %active }
raw 322:*:{
  window -ls @chanlist 10 100 788 200
  aline @chanlist $right($str(.,4) $+ $3,4) $2 $4-
raw 323:*:{
  .timerrelist 0 15 chanrelist
alias chanrelist {
  set %active $active
  clear @chanlist
Ok, which bit controls how it displays.. I tried adding two dashes like " -- " between the end of the channel name and the start of the topic to make it a bit clearer and it messed up the order of it making the channels randomly listed (I guessed "aline @chanlist $right($str(.,4) $+ $3,4) $2 $4-" is the bit that controls where it puts in the lines?)

also it still grabs focus for mIRC as a program every time it refreshes, for example it keeps doing it here while i type in firefox every time until i turned the script off and turned all timers off blush not sure how to get around that if the "if $activeprogram"-like thing doesn't actually work *ponder*