From codekill:
On *:text:*:?:{ echo -bflirt $nick < $+ $nick $+ > $swear.view($1-) | haltdef }

Hi codekill, thanks for a realistic reply to this thread smile
I dont have a problem coding what you suggested, but the majority of users dont know anything about scripting.
Alot of users also like to have their fancy colouring and formatting, so the "on *:text:" example above would not successfully pass through other mirc scripts that they may have loaded.
Hence why I was suggesting that it would be filtered internally before it even makes it to the users remotes.

Heres how one of my friends mirc looks (invision):
[10:51:15pm] 4[mynick4]13 shop

Their <nick> is [nick] (and colour coded), and so is their text.
if you used your example above, that formatting would be lost.
Having it processed internally by mircs swear filter would solve that problem. I dont see any way to avoid all this mess with a custom made remote script.

I did email khaled and never received a reply. I entered an appropriate subject in the hope it would get read, but I sent it from my only email account (yahoo), which may have been blocked or forwarded to junk mail.