ya know...calling people idiots isn't going to help bring them round to your point of view...

I'd estimate it'd take Khaled about $20 worth of time to add a swear filter, so you are more than welcome to send him that cash.

Feature suggestions...yup, its to suggest things, but to suggest something that the majority of users are going to use. Should Khaled make an inbuilt flood kicker, or a list of ircop commands, or a dialog to control sockets, or inbuilt games, or make mIRC auto /who or /whois people who join the channel, or make mIRC able to script with java, or VB, or C, or C++, or python.

Just because the minority of users want something added, it doesn't mean that it will be or should be.

If a swear filter gets put into any of the next 10 releases, then i will gladly apologise to you, but until then you will get as much respect as you deserve, which is very little if you are going around forums spouting things like

[Edit] after TroyBoy is allowed to retort, this topic should probably be locked else it's probably gonna end up being like "mIRC does not pick URL out properly" cuz i can't keep my mouth shut laugh wink

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