Okay, now I have time to post... (some may have noticed this thread was locked for awhile, I simply didn't have time to post anything before rushing out the door)

This is indeed a feature suggestion forum, however, please maintain common courtesy at all times. To others, please respect the fact that someone has taken the time to register and post their idea, however inappropriate/stupid/time-wasting you feel it is. Nothing wrong with having an opinion, nothing wrong with even having an opinion that conflicts with the suggestion, but please keep to these friendly guidelines.

I've unlocked the thread. TroyBoy/Danthemandoo, if you wish to continue the argument, do so in private message, or just end it. This thread is unlocked so others who wish to may voice their opinion in a polite manner. Naturally, should the thread deteriorate back into flaming, it'll be locked again, permanently.

Thanks all smile