Hmm, this thread seems to be running wild.. oh well.

TroyBoy; regardless of the replies, your feature suggestions are more than welcome and greatly received, the message board is here for that reason.

As for the negative replies, they are just peoples personal views, however extreme them may seem, and at the end of the day, they have no baring on whether or not a swear filter is added into mIRC.

That said, that is no excuse to rant and rave calling people idiots.

Danthemandoo; I don't exactly know if you can program or what, but what gave you the impression it would take '$20' worth of time to code a swear filter?

Secondly, no, things the majority want are not always added, nor vice-versa, the deciding factor is whether Khaled thinks the idea is a suitable step forward for mIRC.

A filter to mask specific words could be a valuable asset, I mean, just because its there doesnt mean you have to use it although you would need to be able to edit the entire list.

DekuHaze, different languages would make no difference, at the end of the day they are all common characters, if you can type them theres absolutely no reason they can't be filtered.

That said and done.. this might help TroyBoy.

alias swear {
if ($1 == -a) { swear.load | hadd -m sfilter $2 $iif($3,$3,$str(*,$len($2))) | | echo 2 -a * Swear filter list updated. }
elseif ($1 == -d) { swear.load | hdel sfilter $2 | echo 2 -a * Swear filter list updated. }
elseif ($1 == -l) { swear.load | var %i = $hget(sfilter,0).item | while (%i) { echo -a -> %i $+ . $hget(sfilter,%i).item | dec %i } }
elseif ($1 == on) || ($1 == off) { set %swear $$1 }
else { echo 2 -a * Swear filter is; $iif(!%swear,off,%swear) }

alias swear.load {
if (!$hget(sfilter)) {
hmake sfilter 10000
if ($isfile(sfilter.hash)) { hload sfilter sfilter.hash }

alias { hsave -o sfilter sfilter.hash }

On *:text:*:#:{ echo -bflirt $chan < $+ $nick $+ > $swear.view($1-) | haltdef }

alias swear.view {
if (%swear != on) { return $1- }
var %t = $1-
var %i = 1
while ($numtok(%t,32) >= %i) {
if ($hget(sfilter,$gettok(%t,%i,32))) { var %t = $reptok(%t,$gettok(%t,%i,32),$hget(sfilter,$gettok(%t,%i,32)),32) }
inc %i
return %t

/swear -a [color:red]swearword replacement[/color]
Will add a word to your fitler list.

/swear -d [color:red]swearword[/color]
Will remove a word to your fitler list.

/swear -l will list your filter words.

/swear [color:red]on|off[/color] - wil l turn the filter on/off.

It filters the words from the channel only, add more of the following lines similiarily to have it work elsewhere. i.e Private messages.

On *:text:*:[color:red]?:{ echo -bflirt $nick < $+ $nick $+ > $swear.view($1-) | haltdef }[/color]