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I dont know why I bother asking questions in here where all the kiddies like to reply with lame responses.

"If you dont like it then dont use it!"

I think youre forgetting that this is a "Feature Suggestions" topic.
If you dont have something constructive to say about the topic, then dont bother.

Some people dont like to see swear words, and its the right of the viewer to have those words masked out.

-flame removed-
I didnt say I wanted to block swearing in a channel. I could easily do channel mode +G.
Secondly, a /kick or /ban will not prevent the swearing from getting to the channel. the /kick happens after it makes it to the channel. Youve obviously completely missed my point.

"if you don't like swearing, don't use irc, or join a channel that can set mode +G (unrealircd or possibly others) or use somethin more aimed at younger people."

"If you dont like swearing then dont use irc" sounds like the resolution from someone who doesnt know how to fix it. What a lame resolution idea!
Are you saying that younger people dont swear? lol

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