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Autoconnect to multiple servers on start Feature Suggestions 28/09/22 05:24 PM
Text spacing differences (ASCII)? mIRC Help 21/09/22 11:29 PM
ZNC: Opens pop-up when it asks for /quote PASS Scripts & Popups 08/09/22 09:31 PM
Border colors and sizes Feature Suggestions 14/08/22 01:25 AM
IRCv3 echo-message, queries get separated Developers 03/05/22 10:19 PM
IRCv3 echo-message Developers 03/05/22 01:42 PM
Can we sort channels with multiple # alphabetical Feature Suggestions 26/02/22 07:10 AM
Keep channels open not working with ZNC detach Feature Suggestions 23/12/21 04:11 AM
Retrieving channel modes not working with AnonIRCd Bug Reports 01/09/21 08:28 AM
Nick colors "switch" randomly while chatting Bug Reports 30/07/21 09:11 PM
Gray out away users (from alt-b settings) Feature Suggestions 07/05/21 11:04 PM
Nicks in bold (from alt-b settings) Feature Suggestions 10/04/21 09:05 PM
fupdate mirc.ini option? Feature Suggestions 13/04/20 07:29 PM
Font spacing Feature Suggestions 13/04/20 07:28 PM
Window/tab on Highlights Feature Suggestions 03/04/20 11:40 PM
Cannot make mIRC load external SSL DDLs Connection Issues 02/04/20 05:23 AM
mIRC Servers list General Discussion 30/10/19 06:54 AM
ZNC hide password sent to server manually? Feature Suggestions 25/10/19 09:04 PM
Re: ZNC playback buffer nick/time issue Bug Reports 09/08/19 06:06 PM
ZNC Time wrong reading from the server? Bug Reports 26/06/19 01:03 AM
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