This needs to stop. Now.

I have left as much of posts intact as possible because underneath the ridiculous amount of cuss words there are two different opinions which are both valid.

siyavash: This is the fourth thread you have started that has caused a huge argument on the forum. We do not need to see anymore threads started about the program you have made. We are not "Nazis" as you put it, we are not going to allow you to spam your URL anymore as it has been posted enough already.
You have no right to keep swearing and insulting the people that put a lot of hard work into this forum by helping others, especially when they are just informing you of the rules of this forum. And rightly so. You know ParaBrat removed the URL from your first post, and moderators have locked several other threads of yours about the same topic - and yet you continue. Please do not start further threads about this issue.

NightCrawler: As much as your opinion is valid, the way you have shown it is ridiculous in this thread. Again, swearing at others and filling up the forum with the "[censored]" word is not going to make anyone listen to you. As much as we all get angry, we cannot go around filling the forum with swear words (and evading the censorship filters by adding periods between letters). Thank you for apologising though.

Thanks to those who remained mature throughout smile