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How to do this ?
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With "Lucy" !!!


Description : With Lucy, you can glue a mIRC desktop window INTO your desktop, kill the caption and its borders and make it transparent.


Because, that way you can have the IRC text DIRECTLY ON your desktop!

ps. Questions ? Talk to me on IRC , DALnet , #sleepwalkers . Nickname : SyntaxError .
dont bother leaving a message here. the same post is HERE
Before I try something like this I usually ask the author to demonstrate that the file doesn't contain anything that hasn't been declared, such as a trojan, God forbid. I am not makign any accusations but at the same time I am surprised that your link has been allowed to stand.
its not a trojan :P
Yepp, it's no trojan. but if u r so leet who knows that a trojan is, it's should be easy for u to protect yourself smile

Get a firewall, antivirus....

or just get a VMWare.com machine! in that, u can run anything laugh

but no seriousely, it's no trojan. frown I made it.
but if u r so leet who knows that a trojan is, it's should be easy for u to protect yourself

I have both and have for a long time. That in itself is meaningless unless you happen to expect an AV programme to identify an unknown exploit and if you realised how AV programmes work you'd realise this.

As I said before I am not making accusations but when people offer executables I an entitled to be suspicious until an adequate demonstration proves otherwise. Either way I will not be trying the transparency - I really do not care about it.
why dont you just leave and watch your kiddie porn collection?

Err.. Unlike you not everybody has a kiddie porn collection, You dumb [censored].

PS: After seeing your lame VB toolbar on MS.org I can understand why you empathise with syavish. You both make tacky [censored] [censored] excuse for applications that can better be done in DLL's (And already is).
blah blah if you dont like [censored] i do, dont look simple as that..
We are happy little vegemites today arn't we....

Is Vegemite truely the same as Marmite? blush
I hope you are using the term "happy" very loosely. LOL

It is unfortunate that even though the other threads were locked on this topic, this one has to carry on the constant bickering over stupid crap...
I have tried them both. They both taste different. However, they both taste equally disgusting. I guess it depends upon your perspective :tongue:

Stupid Crap? Vegemite vs Marmite is EDUCATIONAL grin
No, stupid crap as in this transparency thing and the constant bickering an namecalling. grin
I hope you are using the term "happy" very loosely. LOL

One could say that I was, though it gives us something else to argue about now, whether Vegemite tastes better than Marmite or not. Since I'm an Aussie I have to say Vegemite tastes better and has, say, a 99% market share, though there's about 10 imitators on the shelves: Marmite, Promite, Aussiemite and all the supermarket generic brands.

As I understand it, the reason for the difference in taste comes from the way each product is refined. It's like Coke v's Pepsi. I am led to believe that Vegemite is still made with the original pressure cooker or an exact copy of it as the taste comes from the extreme pressures and heat used in refinment.

Most who hate the taste usually do so because they spread it like jam on their toast (thick layer), it's actually meant to be fairly thin, like spreading butter. Biting into a chuck of Vegemite or the other brands would be quite overpowering. shocked

When I was a kid I used to put fried eggs on top of Vegemite on toast and it did taste okay though my palete is a bit more conservative these days.
It's like Coke v's Pepsi.

Everyone says that but I think they taste the same LOL. There are only a few different colas that I can distinctly tell the difference. One being "RC Cola" and the other is "Jolt Cola". I wish they still distributed Jolt in my area due to the fact that its twice the caffeine of both pepsi, and coke. Course when I drank the stuff I didn't sleep for 3 days at a time either smile Ahh those were good times LOL.

I wasn't gonna go there between vegemite and marmite as I didn't know what the hell ya'll was talkin bout.
Everyone says that but I think they taste the same LOL.

It's much of a muchness but both do taste better in glass bottles. Plastic bottles and aluminium cans taint the liquid and make it gassy. I'm an adult-onset diabetic so I drink the diet variety anyway, sometimes with a squirt of Wild Turkey of course!

I wasn't gonna go there between vegemite and marmite as I didn't know what the hell ya'll was talkin bout.

lol. Well, to Australians a 'happy little vegemite' is basically a happy kid (cast in the image of the kids they use in the Vegemite ads). See http://www.vegemite.com.au/ and you'll see what I mean. grin

The good thing is that the thread is friendly again.

The good thing is that the thread is friendly again.

Hopefully it will remain that way...now I get the vegemite thing LOL.
However, they both taste equally disgusting.

I guess the Marmite advert slogan is correct: you either love it or you hate it. grin

Apparently, American Dr. Pepper tastes different to UK Dr. Pepper too. One day I shall verify this myself.
Do you not have Marmite/Vegemite in USA? confused
Maybe different, but it surely can't be any better shocked
They'd have it there. I saw it (Vegemite) on a shelf in a supermarket that MacGyver was in once.
thats tv. they could have anything they want in tv.
If we do, then this is the first time I have ever heard of it. smile
vegemiteusa.com otherwise known as Kraft Foods wink
Looks as anticing as SPAM....

* The_Game does his "jim carrey" impersonation: "Yummy!" ....not lol
Trust me .. Spam tastes better. wink
That says alot right there cause I don't even like SPAM. If I had an arch nemesis...it would be spam LOL.
i hate spam i get like 100 a day it sucks
Wrong spam LOL but i don't like that kind either smile
You what? Spam is more fat and jelly than meat. How does that taste good? /me is lost confused
Spam is more fat and jelly than meat.

The way you describe it, it sounds like dog food... heh. At least dog food has *chunks* of meat rather than whatever bits they could scrape of the grinder and compact in to a tin.
Dogs arn't as fussy an eater as I am though, well perhaps not fussy, just rather discerning. lol
I never said it tasted good .. I said it tasted better than Vegemite wink
Vegemite is a bit like beer, you have to aquire the taste for it.
wow... how did this off topic discussion happen.. reads back :tongue:
-Flames & shouting removed-

here is the download link again : -deleted-

ps. I'll be on -deleted- in case they turn this thread off too...

damn it... what happened to freedom of speach here ?!!!

The one edited my post and his fellows...-racism removed-! Suites you well !!!
god damn... i mean.. these arent opinions.. these are flames.

people! if you dont like it state why. if your not going to download it.. move along.

its not that friggen hard to do. everyone needs to chill. stop being so negative. this is supposed to be a fun place. damn
Every post you've made besides one has involved spamming or bitching about this site, it's staff, or it's users. If it bothers you so much why don't you leave? I'm sure we'll all get by just fine without you.
-flame removed-

all he is doing is showing something in the DEVELOPMENT BB which is exactly what he has done. devloped something. and why cant he share what he has developed? all you give out scripts and snippets and crap. why doesnt anyone bitch about that? i mean c'mon. you really think a new user knows exactly what people are giving them as far as snippets?

people think. its just a program. so what if there is already a dll for it? Ever hear of diversity?! and whocares if you dont like it? there are some people out there who find it useful.
What do you mean ? You want to gas me now and make soup of me ?

Thanks Nightcrawler for backing me up! -Flame removed-smile
If the moderators delete a link then that's their perogative. What right do you, siyavash, or anyone else have to tell someone how to run the site? The difference between posting a snippet is that they are in response to something someone asked, whereas siyavash has just created 3 threads specifically to spam his program. And whether a new user knows what they're doing or not isn't really relevant, at least with a snippet on here there are other people who can see the code and tell whether it's safe or not.

whocares if you dont like it?
now just stop starting [censored].

- I suggest you take your own advice.
-Flaming post removed-
im trying to talk some sense into you people.
at least with a snippet on here there are other people who can see the code and tell whether it's safe or not.

then download it...try it.. and tell us if its safe.

i for one. know it is safe. well.. as sure as i can be when downloading any other program

also as far as snippets popping up at request. if you did some research. the question WAS aked how to make alpha blending in mirc possible in the same result of xchat. voila. here it is. a snippet. just in the form of a .exe. now move along.
What about the two times you posted it in Feature Suggestions?

NO they do not have just any right.

- You're quite, quite, wrong about that. This is a forum that is owned by someone, and just as a person has a right to decide who can say what in their house, the owners of this forum have a right to decide what is allowed to be posted. As I said before, if you have a problem with that the solution is simple: leave.
the question WAS aked how to make alpha blending in mirc possible in the same result of xchat.

- Then why not answer that question by replying to whoever asked it? When someone asks how to do something with a script I don't respond by creating a bunch of new threads with the answer, I give it to the person who wanted to know.

then download it...try it.. and tell us if its safe.

- Simply downloading and running something, besides being incredibly stupid, does not in any way allow someone to tell whether something is safe or not.

a snippet. just in the form of a .exe.

- I'm not sure you understand the concept of 'snippet'.
dont take me for a moron. i know what i am talking about. and i certainly know what a snippet is.

if your are to "stupid" to know what i am talking about. let me enlighten you.

i am talking about the codes people give out.

now why cant you just put it into an exe file.

i have been using this program he released and its safe. and think about it. if it were not safe. do you think he would have put the info down where he can be found. on dalnet. his nickname. and all that other crap. c'mon. dont be stupid.

this thread is about the program. not his double posting.

and why SHOULD he post it on the post with the question?

the solution gets more attention when it has its own thread. think dude. it makes sense.

im sure if i had a solution that would benefit hundreds of users. i would make a new thread. but why should anyone do such a thing here. set an example for future readers.

dont provoke the user. just post ok. its cool. i wouldnt use it.

why must everyone be so negative.

on another note. ill stand up and appologise for my rudeness. it was unacceptable and im sorry.

can we now just move along. cause any more posts will just make matters worse
We back at this kind of discussion again? Jesus let it go! Do you think spamming your program is gonna make people wanna go and download it or check it out? NO. You said it once now just leave it be.

Watchdog: Looks like ya spoke too soon lol.
-Flaming post removed-
When you make multiple threads telling people about your application, I think of it as pushing it on someone to try it. And when you start going off on people that just makes people believe you are a lamer. I'm sure you don't want that right?

So why not just leave it at that. There's no need to continue to defend youself on this forum as it just leads to a constant argument and I see this thread heading to the lockbox like the others due to the excessive four letter usage and insults.
This needs to stop. Now.

I have left as much of posts intact as possible because underneath the ridiculous amount of cuss words there are two different opinions which are both valid.

siyavash: This is the fourth thread you have started that has caused a huge argument on the forum. We do not need to see anymore threads started about the program you have made. We are not "Nazis" as you put it, we are not going to allow you to spam your URL anymore as it has been posted enough already.
You have no right to keep swearing and insulting the people that put a lot of hard work into this forum by helping others, especially when they are just informing you of the rules of this forum. And rightly so. You know ParaBrat removed the URL from your first post, and moderators have locked several other threads of yours about the same topic - and yet you continue. Please do not start further threads about this issue.

NightCrawler: As much as your opinion is valid, the way you have shown it is ridiculous in this thread. Again, swearing at others and filling up the forum with the "[censored]" word is not going to make anyone listen to you. As much as we all get angry, we cannot go around filling the forum with swear words (and evading the censorship filters by adding periods between letters). Thank you for apologising though.

Thanks to those who remained mature throughout smile

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