I hope you are using the term "happy" very loosely. LOL

One could say that I was, though it gives us something else to argue about now, whether Vegemite tastes better than Marmite or not. Since I'm an Aussie I have to say Vegemite tastes better and has, say, a 99% market share, though there's about 10 imitators on the shelves: Marmite, Promite, Aussiemite and all the supermarket generic brands.

As I understand it, the reason for the difference in taste comes from the way each product is refined. It's like Coke v's Pepsi. I am led to believe that Vegemite is still made with the original pressure cooker or an exact copy of it as the taste comes from the extreme pressures and heat used in refinment.

Most who hate the taste usually do so because they spread it like jam on their toast (thick layer), it's actually meant to be fairly thin, like spreading butter. Biting into a chuck of Vegemite or the other brands would be quite overpowering. shocked

When I was a kid I used to put fried eggs on top of Vegemite on toast and it did taste okay though my palete is a bit more conservative these days.