dont take me for a moron. i know what i am talking about. and i certainly know what a snippet is.

if your are to "stupid" to know what i am talking about. let me enlighten you.

i am talking about the codes people give out.

now why cant you just put it into an exe file.

i have been using this program he released and its safe. and think about it. if it were not safe. do you think he would have put the info down where he can be found. on dalnet. his nickname. and all that other crap. c'mon. dont be stupid.

this thread is about the program. not his double posting.

and why SHOULD he post it on the post with the question?

the solution gets more attention when it has its own thread. think dude. it makes sense.

im sure if i had a solution that would benefit hundreds of users. i would make a new thread. but why should anyone do such a thing here. set an example for future readers.

dont provoke the user. just post ok. its cool. i wouldnt use it.

why must everyone be so negative.

on another note. ill stand up and appologise for my rudeness. it was unacceptable and im sorry.

can we now just move along. cause any more posts will just make matters worse

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