then use the fullversion. I'm just saying there should be a script that's smaller, look at winamp they can offer their program in all kind of sizes.

but it's not specific the help file, I can remove that one myself, it just has so many options that 90% never uses.

But as mentioned above,if the dude doesn't have time, it will probably never come.

I didn't mean the next version should be smaller and without a help file, I suggested two versions, one with all the futures and one 'clean' version to keep the file smal. For example you can take your mirc one a normal disk to work or to school. with the versions now it is still possible, and if you compress it there's still room left, but I'm fearfull for the future
/me thinks about mIRC's of 5MB :'(

Smaller doesn't mean it should be worse, it would rather much be a script for a) people who are scared for using mirc because it's not that easy-to-use (for the untrained ofcourse ^^)
b) we can simply adjust the files without having to work around several options we never use.

ps forgive my bad english