Indeed, it has been suggested before for various hybrid version of mIRC - including versions for Linux and/or Mac, "lite" versions and "bot versions" etc. A few of the points that have been raised in the past are:

  • It would cause confusion to people downloading mIRC (which one!?).
  • There's simply the issue of time. Khaled works a lot on the current version of mIRC and I doubt it's as simple as deleting some code to get rid of features, everything has to be checked to make sure removing something hasn't caused a bug elsewhere.
  • You have the issue of exactly what to exclude from this lite version - not everyone can be pleased and people use different features so it would take a long time simply to PLAN making a lite version, taking time away from working on the current.
  • The download mirrors would have to deal with even more of a load and it would be (slightly) harder to maintain them all.
  • The demand for a lite version is nowhere high enough to make it worth the effort.

I don't think it's necessary myself, 1.85MB is nothing to computers nowadays that are shipped with 40-80GB as standard, and a lot of the time even more.