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Posted By: carthorian Smaller mIRC - 09/06/04 02:57 PM
lil idea:

why don't you mIRC guys make a light version of mirc for programmaers. something that takes just a few kb without help files, ... just the basics, like map, connection dialog

just a thought
Posted By: starbucks_mafia Re: Smaller mIRC - 09/06/04 04:03 PM
Not including the helpfiles would just mean a massive increase in simple questions being asked on here and in IRC help channels instead. Just because someone's a programmer doesn't mean they immediately know the in's and out's of any program. If anything it means they're more likely to use mIRC's scripting language, in which case they'll need the helpfile more than anyone.

Besides, the mIRC distribution is hardly big as it is.
Posted By: carthorian Re: Smaller mIRC - 09/06/04 04:37 PM
I don't agree, I really mean a special version for those who already know how to script, know the mirc scripting language. When we install our scripts it gets larger, and then we don't need the large version.

I'm just asking this to publish it, so we don't have to spend hours and hours to resizing the current mIRC version (don't even know if it's allowed), because in that case we could even make a new mirc, simply based on the code. I think mirc is great, but getting quite larg in you compare it to the older versions. a 200-500kb version would be so much better.
Posted By: MTec89 Re: Smaller mIRC - 09/06/04 04:46 PM
the help files can be deleted. but thats not the problem, the problem is all the features ( i dont think khaled will start deleting features for your suggestion.)
Posted By: Mentality Re: Smaller mIRC - 09/06/04 05:11 PM
Indeed, it has been suggested before for various hybrid version of mIRC - including versions for Linux and/or Mac, "lite" versions and "bot versions" etc. A few of the points that have been raised in the past are:

  • It would cause confusion to people downloading mIRC (which one!?).
  • There's simply the issue of time. Khaled works a lot on the current version of mIRC and I doubt it's as simple as deleting some code to get rid of features, everything has to be checked to make sure removing something hasn't caused a bug elsewhere.
  • You have the issue of exactly what to exclude from this lite version - not everyone can be pleased and people use different features so it would take a long time simply to PLAN making a lite version, taking time away from working on the current.
  • The download mirrors would have to deal with even more of a load and it would be (slightly) harder to maintain them all.
  • The demand for a lite version is nowhere high enough to make it worth the effort.

I don't think it's necessary myself, 1.85MB is nothing to computers nowadays that are shipped with 40-80GB as standard, and a lot of the time even more.

Posted By: carthorian Re: Smaller mIRC - 09/06/04 05:58 PM
I can see your point.

I haven't spend any time on the forum, so I don't know anything about the demands or how many people are working on mIRC. If it was a team it wouldn't be such an effort in my opinion, just take some time

there is a linux version though, Lirc grin
Posted By: MTec89 Re: Smaller mIRC - 09/06/04 06:01 PM
not a linux mIRC.. just another irc client...

if it were done though, a non confusing way of showing all the versions is -


Posted By: bunar Re: Smaller mIRC - 09/06/04 06:27 PM
mirc can be reduced, i used UPX to mirc 6.03 that was big 1.70 MB and UPX reduced it to 627 kb and NOTHING of itz stabillity or code was lost
Posted By: Artwerks Re: Smaller mIRC - 09/06/04 06:33 PM
Removing the help file is the most stupid thing you can do if it's a version for scripters. Every new version, the help file is updated with new features. If you kept your 5.91 help file, you will never know how to use file handling or to script with the multiserver features. I'm against this idea, 1mb zipped isn't a big deal.
Posted By: xxxYODAxxx Re: Smaller mIRC - 09/06/04 07:42 PM
heh. remove the help file? id be lost!

*snicker* 1.23MB zipped
Posted By: carthorian Re: Smaller mIRC - 09/06/04 08:31 PM
then use the fullversion. I'm just saying there should be a script that's smaller, look at winamp they can offer their program in all kind of sizes.

but it's not specific the help file, I can remove that one myself, it just has so many options that 90% never uses.

But as mentioned above,if the dude doesn't have time, it will probably never come.

I didn't mean the next version should be smaller and without a help file, I suggested two versions, one with all the futures and one 'clean' version to keep the file smal. For example you can take your mirc one a normal disk to work or to school. with the versions now it is still possible, and if you compress it there's still room left, but I'm fearfull for the future
/me thinks about mIRC's of 5MB :'(

Smaller doesn't mean it should be worse, it would rather much be a script for a) people who are scared for using mirc because it's not that easy-to-use (for the untrained ofcourse ^^)
b) we can simply adjust the files without having to work around several options we never use.

ps forgive my bad english
Posted By: NightCrawler8283 Re: Smaller mIRC - 09/06/04 09:56 PM
go to www.mircx.com >>>>click the "Download mIRC" link

they have every version of mirc released. all checked for viruses. new out of the package. just download one of the earlier version. where there are fewer options
Posted By: Adrenalin Re: Smaller mIRC - 10/06/04 07:59 AM
there is a linux version though, Lirc

Interesting think..
From Lirc Readme: Lirc is an IRC client for Java. It was written specifically because I wanted mIRC for Linux, and no one was porting it

The bad news is what the last update was at March 21, 1998 wink At least someone try to do that..
Posted By: ELY_M Re: Smaller mIRC - 13/06/04 12:02 PM
look at flashfxp as example

they provide twp different downloads.

one without help files and other one is full with help files.

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