Hi All,

Ok I have posted a notice to Khaled here on the board, I thought this may be the best place to get him as he must recieve hundreds of emails per day, but so far no response.

I will send him an email anyway today and see if that gets his attention any quicker!

I did not really expect him to get back to me anyway, in the meantime I will be contacting the people that came forward and offered help, and to those people I offer my thanks once again.

I am going to kick start this today, establishing contact first with the people that offered help and drawing up a plan of action on how we will proceed. Soon after this we will begin and this thread will fade into the distance...... shocked

I plan on getting started Monday of next week and I will be uploading a page ( to my website for now ). I'm giving people that may not have seen this thread yet the chance to still get involved and for Khaled to hopefully get back to me.

Please remember that we are working on this in our spare time and that it will take some considerable time to complete, I have the basics in place however and hopefully we will make good headway! wink

I would be interested in knowing however if the people here at the message board would like periodic updates??

Best Regards,

Dizkonnekted from reality....!