Hi All,

OK, first let me say that this is an idea I have been playing around with for some time now. I may regret this! :tongue:
Onward..... I love mIRC, it's a great program, but man the help file needs *serious* updating!! shocked

Well like most curious people, at some point, I decided to see if I could write a script for myself in my spare time, so I turned to the help file and started writing my own aliases and popups.

That was fun, then I got hooked and decided to keep going, and thats when I hit problems. Now I can hear people say already, 'whats wrong with the help file'?

Well something I found was, there just is not enough examples. The help file is great for giving an example of the syntax of something, but the example is usually very short.

Some items in the help file dont even have an example, just the syntax of its use.
All that said, the point I am coming to is this.
I am willing, with some help, to start over and make a new 'unofficial' help file that I can post on my website, with examples abound.

So I have come here looking for scripters willing to help. I am not talking about making another mIRC scripting help website, although content will be posted as I get it.

I am talking about making an actual help file that people can download, with tested examples. This will not be an easy task and will take some time to complete, so I am throwing it out into the open, is anyone willing to help?

If so send me a message on the board or email me, serious offers only please! wink
I'd be interested to see what people think, I'm doing this because I like to help people, I actually enjoy it.

My job consists of helping people daily, so if I can help some people understand mIRC's scripting options, all the better! grin

Best regards,

Dizkonnekted from reality....!