Just a thought, in the event that this idea is actually being thought about.

I figure since this threat is here, and I've also seen similar threads relating to this, everyone could list some simple ideas/changes/addons that they'd like to see on the mIRC bot version (if it'll ever happen). As it has been discussed several times, linux functionability isn't an option.

1. I think a simple program that launches the bot into the background as they do with eggdrops would be nice.
2. mirc.ini could be used like eggdrop.conf to specify the username for the ident server, bot's nick, and alternaive nick, bind ip, etc...
3. Optional feature to have the .exe launch remain open after the bot has been started so the user may view any errors, kicks/bans, ctcp, dcc etc... to the bot.
4. possible mysql integration in the future laugh Although, we could make mIRC aliases that manage that.

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