window -el40 @. $+ %i

got 347 but also had some other stuff open at the time, so that might account for the difference.

The win98 pc is still opening windows although its slowed down alot, its at @.3917 and clicking away slowly.

I havent noticed the hdd going, but im wondering if its using swapfile, and just getting bigger, while in Nt u can set your peak swapfile size, so it just cans out when you reach it.

Just gonna try it on xp pro and 2K now see what i get to.
2K got 401 -el40 windows
XP got 380 -el40 windows

So on a totally stupid script with no purpiose to it, WIN98 wins hands down at 3972 and still going. (not -el40 tho just -e im not starting it again now)

So i would say window limit must be a resources thing.