I was joining channels, use 2 boxes
WinXP 1024 mb of RAM
Win2k 512 mb RAM
Both bit the dust before they reached 200, though the window xp box was running more programs with open windows. If the server was still in use, I'd contact my friend and have him set permissions for your host so you could try, but it's no longer up.

About the bots joining 200 channels. Well, it apparently doesn't matter how many open copies of mirc I run. As long as the total number of windows == 200, I can't open any more. This includes other programs having no relation to mIRC such as Windows Resource meter, run dialog box, registry editor etc..

The point of me broaching the idea of a version of mIRC made specifically to run bots is discuss how useful it would be to have a flexible, stable, easy to code program made to run IRC bots. It seems to me that you believe I'm just saying to take a version of mIRC and modify it. Actually, I'm talking about improviing stability (if possible), adding additional features such as simple links (this can be done using mIRC code and tcp sockets) and removing other features which may not be useful where running bots are concerned, eg. open channel windows.

I'm not demanding anything, it's just an idea that came to mind, so if you can try to look at it in a positive manner.

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