Thank you both for your replies smile

First, yes i'm sure that menuedit.dll replaced mIRCs menubar. there were functions to modify mIRCs existing menubar, but there are problems if you try to delete the commands menu (and i would imagine, the newly added favorites menu) because mIRC will automatically update those items on the HMENU that was ORIGINALLY mIRCs menubar, so "GrimZ" added another function that would replace mIRCs menu.

I over-ride mRICs WndProc, so I catch the WM_DESTROY message and return mIRC to it's original state and resend the WM_DESTROY message to mIRCs WndProc, thus removing the potential for undestroyed menus and such.

Naru: yes i am creating owner drawn menus, and thank you for the tip on WM_SETMDIMENU, I forgot that I was sending it to the frame window, rather than the MDI client window frown I think that that may help, also: i know that I must use the DrawMenuBar command with that message smile.

If i can't get the code to work in the next couple of days (while you are moving) then I will post some code or e-mail some to you or something, that way you can see what's up smile.

Once again, thank you very much