well ive got it pulling stats from a logfile that is currently 11mb and it takes less than 5 seconds to compile its stats create its webpages and then upload them to my site. i really dont see the problem. maybe if your using a free program which doesnt allow for checks like mircstats youd have problems .. but the 15 bucks to register it to fully use all its features in my opinion was well work it ..... and with that program as well it was a onetime registration fee with free upgrades. it also has the ability to configure it to newer versions of mirc or even to your scripting output if u have changed it in your mirc.

You didn't get it. I said mIRCstats isn't easily fooled because it does a lot of checking. I didn't criticize it in any way, didn't even mention its speed or anything. The subject is mIRC's prefix change. I won't script a lot of checking, nor use a third-party program and pay for it.. just to read a log file. Not when a better solution like changing the event prefix to something decently unique can exist.

basically if u dont like the default method your able to change it in your scripting and then change how mircstats looks at it to evaluate it. So really what your complaining about is a minimal thing in my opinion and its easily overcome.

Yeah, it's clear to everyone that the prefix issue is a minimal thing. But what we're suggesting is quite a minimal thing as well, though it makes much more sense.

Prefixes exist for a reason. There is the event one, there is the action one etc. Having the same token for both is inconsistent and defeats their purpose. You could ask if I'm a colourblind who doesn't realize there are different default colours for both. Well I'm not, but a log file is.

While the issue seems "easily overcome" to some people, to me and other people it's not.
I don't want to use a script that will display actions eating multiple spaces. I don't feel I'm supposed to need to script any ugly workaround for this behaviour either.

Plus, the "script it" solution applies to the ones who know mircscripting and want to use it. There are people who can't be bothered with it and mIRC is dedicated to these people as well as to the ones who script.

Since Khaled has changed the prefix, he could change it back or make it customizable, respecting users like me as well as users who don't script.

Concluding, the best thing for everyone is to have the ability to modify the prefix. Nothing else. And that's our suggestion. No one is going to die if it's not going to be accepted, but there is really no argument that could invalidate its benefits (at least until Khaled appears and shows it).

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