Another Easter Egg that has been removed in v6.10.

Ouch!, Eek!, Yikes!:
This is a well documented easter egg on many sites, but I'm posting it just the same as a tribute to it and Khaled's cult sense of humor. When right-clicking on the right-most toolbar icon, a tooltip box would appear containing one of the following phrases with each click.

ouch!, eek!, yikes!, moo!, erk!, :P~~~, It's life Jim..., but not as we know it, Ni!, *positive karma*, oink, With a rubber duck..., one's never alone, -gribbit-, hi MOM!, hoohaa!, I'm a Tigger, are you?, nanoo nanoo, BaDOOM!, Mork calling Ork, Yak!, Whatever you do..., DON'T PANIC!, Grrr..., Greetings $me $+ !, :[/b]), That's all folks!, Enjoy the ride :[b]), woowoo!

If you recognize at least 5 of the above references, you're a typical geek in their mid-late 20's.
Scary, ain't it. smile

However, now when you right-click this same icon, it turns into a smiley face. This use to happen when you held Shift and clicked on the icon in v6.03 and earlier.

- Raccoon

Well. At least I won lunch.
Good philosophy, see good in bad, I like!