The fun of an easter egg is discovering it for yourself. wink
But, since these are eggs that no longer exist...

About Show:
I can tell you how I came about discovering it; I went looking through old mirc.ini backup files from as early as v5.31 and noticed an arbitrary value that kept changing from version to version. So I reinstalled all of my old versions and downloaded the ones I didn't have, and made a comprehensive list of these values from the earliest version that the About dialog had a checkbox.

Of this list, included different animals Khaled has seen on his various excursions around the world, his favorite cartoons, and vague blade runner references... to name a few.

I'll leave the task of completing this list, up to you.

About Arnie:
Another related egg-like thing was this undocumented setting.
This was also removed in v6.10, and last worked in v6.03
  • in mirc.ini
This setting perminately replaced Khaled's face with Arnie's.
It would have been a popular egg in this version, with the about dialog always-on.
(not saying that Khaled isn't fun to look at, Arnie is just... funner. grin)

- Raccoon

Well. At least I won lunch.
Good philosophy, see good in bad, I like!