-Do note that i did NOT edit your posts in this thread. I felt that however inflamatory your use of the word "liar" was, removing it could have led to greater potential misunderstanding/bickering. I failed to see how it had anything to do with the discussion to begin with, couldnt care less what anyone's pronounciation is or what their interpretation of "political involvement" is, (and i doubt the original poster does either), thought it over the edge, but i didnt delete the posts involved. Nor did i specifically call you to task for it, hoping the general reminder to tone it down would be sufficient. I find it interesting that rather than Watchdog demanding to know why i allowed someone to call him a liar (which could be considered name calling), you respond to "y'all tone it down" feeling criticized. As for your attack on me, when there is a specific response or lack thereof you find questionable, feel free to pm me about it. In most cases i will be more than happy to explain my rational to the extent that it doesnt intrude on someone else's right to privacy and consideration.

-i have in fact edited or deleted MANY posts insulting pheonix (with and without specific name calling), and warned posters that there are polite ways to point out someone's inaccuracies be it in the thread or by pm. There are also borderline things i leave in a post for multiple reasons based on the circumstances.

- I have often suggested two ppl take their dispute private rather than inflict it on the rest of us. None of us being perfect, we have all skirted the edge of rude on occasion. When i am pondering editing, i try to take a lot of factors into consideration. I consider there to be a difference between such comments as:
Thats stupid vs You're stupid
Thats iditotic vs You're an idiot
Stop posting inaccurate answers vs Wrong again you jerk

-personally i happen to feel that it IS realistic to expect ppl to be capable of disagreeing without resorting to insults, name calling, and profanity. You dont have to like someone or their opinions to behave with common courtesy.

-i fail to see how asking everyone ("y'all" being a southernism referring to everyone, altho perhaps more properly stated as all y'all) to tone down their responses is indicative of a double standard. Nor do i see how that is critical of only you specifically. In fact, i meant it as a reminder about posting in general, not just this thread in particular, since all too many threads (like this one) go from informative to bickering and sniping.

-quite honestly i dislike seeing productive discussions turned into a waste of time due to pointless bickering, regardless of who starts/continues it. with all the knowlege so many posters (including you) have to share, why on earth bother arguing over petty irrelevant things?

ParaBrat @#mIRCAide DALnet