%status is a way to detect if Spotify is in a state: 0 - Not running, 1 - Paused, 2 - Advertisement, 3 - Playing. %status does not yet contains 4 or 5.
Everything else looks good. It's just that people would 100% get annoyed/angry if this would write out everywhere. But that's what I think.

Instead of %status 4 and 5. Someone that really want to do a amsg on 1 network or more networks could use a parameter like /spoton [x], if it contains 0 or 1. Send a message to 1 network, if 1 send to all networks. And if not a parameter just send to current window. I know how to detect parameters in aliases. It's just a bit easier to do like this.

I don't really know if I'm going to support mass messages like this in the Lite Script that I have created.

Anyway thanks for the information Wims.