I have stumbled over a issue in Spoton Version 1.1.3.

If you have Battle.net-client (a game client for diablo, wow, overwatch etc) up and running, it will overrule Spotify.

Battle.net-client have to be closed to show what Spotify actually is playing.

[20:50] <Deep3D> Spotify » Battle.net
[20:51] <Deep3D> Spotify » Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning - Remastered

spoton {
  var %status $dll(data\dll\spoton\spoton.dll,status,)
  if (%status == 1) echo -a Spotify is paused.
  elseif (%status == 2) echo -a Spotify is playing Advertisement.
  elseif (%status == 3) say Spotify » $dll(data\dll\spoton\spoton.dll,song,)
  else echo -a Spotify is not running.