I have been looking around for a project like this so many times. And the most projects is outdated.
So now I have been learning c++ just for this.

My project is named Spoton and can be found as open source on Github

Installation Information
Here is an installation guide how to be able to run Spoton.
A script is also made for mIRC, a simple alias to write out the song. I didn't want to make something big, just basic.

I have also made the DLL-File Downloadable on Github if people don't know how to compile the c++ project.

Since the latest release Spoton will detect Spotify Premium and Spotify Free when paused.
This release also includes Advertise detection. But it's not 100% working.

An example how it looks like when just echo out the song in active window:
[Linked Image from raw.githubusercontent.com]