This is an update to my previous post. Today I started testing on another more powerful computer which at this times only was running one copy of mIRC 7.54 and the web browser.
This computer uses a SSD for the system files including mIRC's data paths. It's a 8 core cpu on Windows 7 64 bit and 16 GB of ram.

My original copy of mIRC 7.54 is installed on a non system disk. So for the seek of fairness of my tests I also ran it from the system disk at C:\mIRC and from my ram disk at B:\mIRC

I copied dicc/fout.ini to the data path and made sure the word I was going to search for existed in the file and was in the proper format for mIRC to find.

dicc/fout.ini is 13,170 KB

I ran this test a few times and every time after a second or so mIRC showed (Not Responding) on the window's title bar and a few seconds later it crashed.

I edited and manually shortened dicc/fout.ini and got ride of half of it content data and made sure the word I was using to test still remained in the kept portion of the file.
I ran the test and once again with the same result as before.

I edited the file once more and got rid of another half of the data and tried again. The file was renamed to: dicc/small.ini and has 3,574 KB

This time, it also showed the Not Responding message on the window's title bar but after exactly 13.5 seconds it disappeared and the definition for the word being seek "casa" showed up.

I ran the same test with mirc 6.x on this computer and it ran as fast as it does on my small older laptop which also runs on windows 7 64 2GB of memory.
I'm sure you already know this but when I run this code on mIRC 6.x it runs incredible quick even on a computer with mechanical hard drive and also considering the lag for data processing is minimal and data retrieval happens in a nick of time regardless of file size.

Below you will find the code I'm using for these testings.
For this test I'm using this code:
/define {
  echo -s $1
  var %file = dicc\small.ini
  if $isfile(%file) {
    echo -s File %file found: $isfile(%file)
    echo -s Searching for: $1 in file: %file
    var %fword = $readini(%file, $1, R)
    if (%fword == $null) {
      %fword = 4 Lo siento, no encontre la definicion
    echo -s %fword
  else {
    echo -s file: %file not found

I may be willing to send you (Mr. Khaled) my data file if you want it for testing.

Find below the pictures that support my tests


Happy New Year!

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