There is no chance that I'm doing something wrong. As I stated on my original post, the code runs on a previous version of mirc.
Actually I use this code on a stand alone dictionary definitions retrieval application and on 3 or 4 online games which also retrieve words from the same dictionary file on ini format and presents them to the players in different ways.
I've been running those games for almost a year with no problems.
I needed to upgrade mirc because I wanted to run code not compatible with the version of mirc I have.
On the 7.x versions of mirc $readini does not work on any of my games and mirc crashes, even on the latest release of mirc.
Since you guys say it looks like I'm the only one person having these issues, I'll do some more experimenting on the following days and report here if something changes and if it does what was the problem I found.
Before I posted here the other day I debugged the code and at $readini mirc crashed. Every single time.

Thanks for your support and attention. I'll keep you all posted.

If you want to see the games working let me know and I'll write a post with instructions for the games (so you know what is going on when you see it working) and the address to the irc server.

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