are you saying it crashes at the first call to readini, or only some of them.

i see you have the line like:

var %fword = $readini(dicc\fout.ini, $2, R)

As was suggested above, you should probably use the 'n' switch like:

var %fword = $readini(dicc\fout.ini,n, $2, R)

because that prevents any $word or %word or even #$word from being evaluated.

If you can find something that can trigger this crash due to using $readini in an editbox, that would help. If it triggers only for certain things, it helps to know what's different about the crash items. i.e. whether they're deep into a big 'section', or part of the 'big number' of a large number of sections.

If having trouble finding which things trigger the problem, you might need to use $ini() to sequentially find all [sections] of the .ini and access everything via $readini sequentially. If $ini also crashes, you might need to use $read() to find and parse lines of the file to determine what are the itemnames causing the problem.