CapitanMarte, I'm sure you are in confuse or you don't know how to work with an ini file and how $readini reads the data from it. I'm using very often $read and $readini and I see no bugs here, even in 7.53 and older versions.

In your case, on an incoming message in a chan, if the first word is .def, then using $readini(dicc\fout.ini, $2, R), your fout.ini file must have this topic inside:


In this case, $readini(dicc\fout.ini,$2,R) will return text. Pay attention, that if $2 is $null, i.e. someone will write only .def, then $readini(dicc\fout.ini,$2,R) will return $null and if there're no section $2 or item R, also the identifier will return $null. Put the condition if ($2 != $null) to avoid the mismatch.

Also you can use $readini(dicc\fout.ini,n,$2,R) if you want the read line to not be evaluated and be treated as plain text, in case it contains identifiers.