The thing is... Twitch has given mIRC an influx of new users. IRC has been in decline for years now and suddenly that's picking up because of sites like twitch that offer an IRC chat interface to their websites' chat.

Such interfaces lead users to researching IRC and eventually they end up at mIRC.

These users find out mIRC can automate tasks for them, hosted by them, the way they intend such tasks to be done. So they start asking questions, see what other streams have, and try their hand at a new craft. Why are you adverse to that?

Most of the users I've worked with on these forums and off don't believe a bot will suddenly make their stream ubber popular. They believe it will help retain users and rightly so, assuming the bot does as it should.

I'm not sure if you were around per 2k, but these forums were PACKED with similar cases for one thing or another. Some of the users duct tape code together, but most are willing to learn if you point them in the right direction. And I don't mean a reply of simply "/help ..." but rather walk them through the process.

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