Why the hate on Twitch users at all?

Next year it'll be a different site's users requesting information on how to program a mirc bot for their site..

year after that, it'll be something else.

shouldn't you be happy that people are trying to find help at all regarding mirc and programming in general?

If you don't want to help them; fine; but leave your negativity at the door.

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Indeed. And I didn't say all users, just most of them.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that scripts and bots are inherently bad things, and yes I've been around since '97 and I've seen it all. And yes, I do my very all to provide the best support I can for all users so they might learn and become a member of the community themselves.

What I am observing is a cargo cult that has exploded because a very few, very successful, Twitch channels (that were already very successful for a long time) had decided to build useful bots for their stream's chat, and so everyone else thinks they can become those guys. Through some magic and emulation, they can slap together a triggery doodad script that's going to distract their audience long enough to forget what crappy video feed they're watching. That their audience won't leave out of boredom... if only they had a bot to entertain them. Really that's what I'm observing in the wild.

It's pretty much the same syndrome of new users on their first day of IRC asking how to start their own channels and build an empire when they haven't even mastered the /join and /me commands.

Advice to new Twitch users: Focus your energy and create some excellent video content, before asking how to create some silly script toy, and subscribers will come.

It won't be easy, and most of you will fail. There is real effort and endurance required. Not script hokey pokey.

A lot of people want their own bot, because it makes thing easier on them while streaming.. not because it is supposed to bring in more viewers. (if a streamer thinks a bot is going to bring them viewers, they're already doing it wrong anyway)

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