Does anyone else feel like this sudden drive by users to create bots is borderlining on a cargo cult? Most users don't seem to know what they want from a bot, what a bot even does, just that they need to have one.

And it should be as simple as cobbling a few bits of randomly copied code, paperclips and a little chewing gum, right?. An mIRC bot should turn their Twitch channel into a 5-star Emmy-winning broadcast that attracts the attention of millions, yes?

Cargo cults are the African tribes that saw the pale men call giant metal birds out of the sky, and all they needed to do was build a runway and a hut. Maybe we can make our own runway and hut, and suddenly all sorts of metal birds will come out of the sky for us, too, bearing wonderful gifts of food and cloth from far away lands.

Does anyone have some paperclips and old chewing gum? I need a Twitch bot, fast!

Well. At least I won lunch.
Good philosophy, see good in bad, I like!