This is a bigger issue than it appears to be. Especially for languages with which an ANSI encoding has always been enough. Right now, I'm sure that at least one popular channel is having trouble with this in Undernet, where channel registration is not taken lightly.

In any case, at least Khaled is trying to take a step forward by adding full UTF-8 support, however, I'm not sure that it's a good idea to make mIRC so that it can no longer interact with ANSI-coded channels within an instance of an IRC server. I agree with mths: this can be a security issue. I hope Khaled can come up with a convenient solution for this.

What I'm sure about is that this is a bigger issue than many people think, and this transition is going to be very bothersome. Right now, I rather stick with 6.35, disabling and enabling UTF-8 display and encoding as I see fit.

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