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Define inconsistent state.

Assume a user that has the channel #test_ä in his autojoin list in nickserv since one year. When he identified itself, nickserv uses a svsjoin to let the user join its channel #test_ä with an iso charset. The user has now a channel-window open and sees the other users in the channel.

But since mirc 7 sends only utf-8 charset, this user cannot

- send privmsgs to the channel
- cannot part the channel (the window closed, but since mirc sends a part #test_ä (utf-8), the user is still joined)
- cannot whois users in this channel if chmode +s is used

I would call this an inconsistent state. You can simulate this by /raw -n join #test_ä.

We have many users that asks us in the support-channels what has happend, because they do not understand they just updated a client. Using the autoupdate of mirc, the user has no warning. Thats a serious problem in my opinion.


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