ok, reading this and some other threads I can summerize:

1. mIRC v7.xx is unusable if the user is oper or admin in a network. Thats why the user has no chance to handle other users or attacts that uses channel-names containing codepage-characters. In this scenario I assume that nicknames must not containing other characters than the allowed ascii-characters.

It would work if mirc does not converts incoming channels to utf8.

2. mirc v7.xx is unusable for normal users. Using nickserv's autojoin-feature it is possible to have a situation like

TC on #ÖSF @#ÖSF (mIRC 6.35)
TC on #ՓF @#ÖSF (mIRC 7.1 ) (the special char seems to have the code 0x553)

Now I close the #ÖSF-Channel in v7 using the [x] button. In the channel-list no #ÖSF is listed, but in the whois I see

TC on #ÖSF

So I have joined a channel but mirc does not show me - this is evil.

mIRC v7.xx has no chance to handle this correctly, no user without knowlege of character encoding has a chance to understand what happens.

Using mirc 7 I (in my position of a netadmin) have no chance to leave this channel, there is no way to use svspart, kick, nothing.

Khaled, do not misunderstand me. I am a friend of going forward, so utf-8 / unicode is the right way. But today it is out of the question to use a client that can handle only utf-8.


TC / Mario