I've been using mIRC for more then 3 years now, and I always liked and enjoyed it, but there are also some downsides. There are some things we don't like, and should be fixed and/or improved, i.e. error handling among some other things.

Who is "we"? Half the fun in using mIRC is waiting with anticipation for a new release. At times new releases are mainly bug-fixes and others are mainly new features.

Khaled has developed mIRC for a long time on his own, but isn't it time to turn open-source? The community could improve mIRC by much, and mSL will be growing as language.

I suppose Khaled will decide this for himself. I really like it [not] how some people seem to enjoy taking the intellectual property of others and claim they can make it better when all they seem to be interested in doing is taking the hard work of others and using it as a tool for self-gratification. Development of software, for some, is some sort of dicksize competition so if you can do better than mIRC's author then do it on his terms - write your own better programme from the ground up.

I think it's nice to discuss here wether mIRC should go opensource or not.

Yes, occasionally it is. But you have been given the official word right here on this site. Why press the issue?

I think there are a few reasons to make mIRC open-source:

a] The community can work on it, which will take mIRC and the language mSL to a much higher level.

b] This makes the mIRC parser even more portable and we can write mIRC implemenation in other languages and/or programs.

c] A lot of new features can be added, and be fixed much faster, then with 1 person.

A: Define "community". Don't you mean that the mIRC scripting language will end up being broken by several communities wanting to take things in different directions?

B: All it will do is create incompatibility. Why is there a need to write mIRC scripts in other languages?

C: List the features you want added to mIRC in the Feature Suggestions Forum here. You will find that all features listed that can be added in a short space of time have actually been added over the years.


I'd like to see it go Open Source mostly because the current developer has pretty well ruled out support for any other platforms.

Cross-platform releases were ruled out years ago. This isn't a new policy by any means.

Yeah, mIRC KIND of works in wine...but it's buggy as hell.

mIRC isn't buggy. Wine probably could be. Use Windows programmes on a Windows-powered computer and you won't have problems.