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I'd like to see it go Open Source mostly because the current developer has pretty well ruled out support for any other platforms. I mean I can completely understand that (quite an undertaking that would be), but it still sucks. However, if there was more than one person helping out, I think we'd see a little more support in that arena. Yeah, mIRC KIND of works in wine...but it's buggy as hell. It'd just be nice to have a native mIRC app for Linux and see the development jump forward a little. I also understand it won't make me coffee and clean my house overnight, but I don't think it'd be worse off. As someone else already mentioned, the last version was in 2008.

Maybe we do need to wait until he's done making money off of it and such. I have no problems with that...he made it. I just hope when development finally goes dead, he does us all a favor and open sources it.

Sorry but I do not agree, Wine and mIRC work just fine, and has done for a few years here, there may be issues with the later versions of mIRC that were designed to run on Vista, having a few problems with nix and wine. But I find 6.21+wine+centos/fedora/redhat works just fine. If I wanted more functionality for a chat application I would either switch to windows or use xChat and use tcl/ruby/python et al. mIrc is a windows application and a chat client, and on my systems it does exactly that.

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