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If you are logging 128 windows and/or have the buffer set high, you will experience lag issues and potential freezing. Consider what happens if you are trying to write data from even half those windows on a regular basis, or if you had for example a 5000 line buffer, then that is 128 * 5000 (640,000) lines to keep in memory. These things are going to slow down the computer and there's not a lot you can do other than to limit logging or reduce the buffer... 1000 is plenty for most people for a buffer, especially with that many windows open at once. Even less may even be advisable for that many windows.

Obviously, there may be other factors involved, but either of these items is likely to be a major factor for you. And, font linking that many channels may also be a slow down as well, though I'm not sure if that's only used when a line is received, or all the time. If it's only when a line is received, then it's not likely an issue unless you're getting constant lines in all of those windows at once.

Low buffer helped here too, forgot to mention that. Also I turned off logging on the mirc side a long time ago.

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1.having a switchbar that's filled(and forced to reduce size of the buttons there)
Another problem might be having more than 128 windows open... but I have not yet been able to confirm that.

I'm just wondering: are you aware of the Treebar? (View > Treebar or /treebar on)

If I have to scroll, which is quickly the case with the treebar, then it's not useful to me. That's why multi-row switchbars are great, they display everything.

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Font linking should only slow down on the first (few) run(s) as mIRC builds up its internal cache. Afterwards the delay should not be noticeable.

Maybe the linking is fast, but maybe having to query (certain) other fonts is slow. It certainly did change display speed in some cases with tons of odd glyphs.

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