its not like that ,mirc is the onlyone that freeze, like i said befor it even freeze when im asleep, once im asleep only mirc is on and speedfan becuz if mirc use 50%load all nicht it can cause overheat so i have speedfan watching that , and i never had problems with firefox, as for othersoftware they work normaly , i use windows virus scanner , to tell you the truth, i barly have any active apps , i dont even use outlook or something like that

and what im running in mirc eh,
only rizon network i use

#ayako 454 users
#chihiro 336 users
#gg 782 users
#hf-network 64 users
#jishaku 43 users
#losslessone 378 users
#news 1626 users
#nibl 666 users
#nipponsei 785 users
#thoranime 426 users
#tokyotosho 644 users

those are my current active channels
i just hope i can get it fixed, sofar only mirc freeze but on one of my cores and thats wierd + i stay logged on on rizon so mirc is active just not responding

these are my programs that startup on boot dont know if tihs is any use to show though

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