So, given the results of the command you executed:

a) Your copy was not downloaded from (or you modified it from the original, which you were not told to do). You're using a hacked/cracked/patched copy of mIRC, which violates the EULA, not to mention is a probable cause for any issues you might have.

b) Your copy of mIRC is not a clean install. You have 47 scripts loaded and 3 dll files. That is certainly problematic, especially since you claim you have a fresh install. Either you can't follow directions (to absolutely test this on a clean install) or you're unaware what you're using.

47 script files is a lot, especially when you're using a buggy script. We won't debug those files for you. If you don't use an actual clean vanilla install of mIRC from to reproduce this issue there's not much we can do for you, since there's no way to isolate mIRC as the cause.

I therefore maintain my original statement: "you're using a script. Get rid of your buggy script and mIRC will likely stop freezing."

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