Actually, I'm not. My other point agaist your argument that it's a "driver bug" is that vertical scrolling messages appear to be handled correctly. It is the horizontal scrolling messages that aren't. This is probably because of the way message parsing works: The most appropriate window is selected for the message to be sent to. In this case, this is the textbox, or the listbox. Since neither of those windows handle the message correctly, it is passed on down the chain until it is handled correctly. This is where I left off with Khaled most recently: Why doesn't mIRC be sure that scrolling messages -do not- make it to the MDI base when the client is maximized? That seems to be what's causing the issue to me. Of course, you so rudely wish to interrupt and as a result I am unable to portray this message to him efficiently. Do you really believe you're doing any favours for mIRC's user base when you allow bugs to go unpatched just because -you- don't have the resources to reproduce them?

Why must I continue repeating myself?

I request that this thread be locked and preserved as evidence of this scenario's occurence, as I'll be blogging about it today. I've said all I need to say to establish my point. You guys seem to be jumping to the conclusion that it's a "driver bug" and that drivers should not be sending scroll messages to windows that don't support them. In that case, vertical scrolling should only be allowed when the mouse is above the buffer textbox, and the fact that this isn't the case is also "a driver bug".