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Did you ever think about the possibility that those programs could block those message on purpose ? Usually, User Interface software don't want you to be able to change anything about the UI, mIRC is kind of an exception, there are many dlls that let you modify the mIRC's UI and some of them even let you send messages to mIRC's windows.

I'm sorry, but an argument that this should be allowed in case users actually want it has been stated, and I've already answered it, so I'm repeating myself again (please read the entire thread before you post). Under what circumstance do you believe it's appropriate for a maximized MDI client window to be moving around within it's base?

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If mIRC was sending this message, as you seems to think, why this problem only happen to you ? How do you explain that others never seen this ? I think you agree that every mIRC's users are using the same software, you are obviously not the only guy that has a bugged mIRC's version

mIRC isn't sending this message, I never said that. The drivers are, just as the drivers send scroll vertical messages in exactly the same way. This is completely appropriate. mIRC is in charge of handling the messages correctly. If mIRC doesn't handle these messages, then Windows will. I am able to reproduce this problem because I have a touchpad/mouse that has some mechanism for sideways scrolling. Do you have such a device? Can you understand why you may never see this problem if you don't have such a device?

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In fact no, Khaled jumped to this conclusion, because he probably know better than you that mIRC isn't sending anything.

Read the rest of the thread, please. Khaled was clearly not the only one to jump to this conclusion.

If there is anything you guys don't understand, feel free to ask, but don't ask it in such a way that implies that I am incorrect and Khaled is correct. I find that most disrespectful.

I request that this thread be locked and preserved as evidence of this scenario's occurence, as I'll be blogging about it today. I've said all I need to say to establish my point. You guys seem to be jumping to the conclusion that it's a "driver bug" and that drivers should not be sending scroll messages to windows that don't support them. In that case, vertical scrolling should only be allowed when the mouse is above the buffer textbox, and the fact that this isn't the case is also "a driver bug".

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