None of the other applications I've tried that use MDI have this strange behaviour of being able to move maximized windows around.
Did you ever think about the possibility that those programs could block those message on purpose ? Usually, User Interface software don't want you to be able to change anything about the UI, mIRC is kind of an exception, there are many dlls that let you modify the mIRC's UI and some of them even let you send messages to mIRC's windows.
If mIRC was sending this message, as you seems to think, why this problem only happen to you ? How do you explain that others never seen this ? I think you agree that every mIRC's users are using the same software, you are obviously not the only guy that has a bugged mIRC's version

You guys seem to be jumping to the conclusion that it's a "driver bug" and that drivers should not be sending scroll messages to windows that don't support them.
In fact no, Khaled jumped to this conclusion, because he probably know better than you that mIRC isn't sending anything.

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