Hehe i havent done any benchmarking myself but i doubt the endresult will be slower then the equivalent regex call. Which is not the one that jaytea posted which needs balanced brackets. Like i mentioned in my post PCRE recursion could get you there halfway. But then thats PCRE's awesomeness overcomming some Turing Completeness issues with regex.

If someone gets it working for nested tags and unbalanced (which they wont) i'll take up the challange with the COM solution.

Regex does not equal fast per se definatly not complex ones like the one is needed here, much like COM which doesnt have to be slow per se. Replying here makes me very curious how fast/slow the com approach will be so i'll do some benchmarking tomorrow laugh

Not to say an updated $htmlfree which handles nested balanced tags however wrong though is a bad thing :P (oxymoron ?)(Alias should really be called $striphtml or something btw come to think of it).

Glad jaytea's solution works for you smile

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