That definitely fixes that problem, but it leaves & nbsp; and perhaps others now. It also seems to remove more than it should. If there's text before that, it also gets removed.

<p> <p /> <sup id="en-NIV-26127" class="vnum" value='16'>16</sup>Here is normal text.<sup class='footnote' value='[<a href="#fen-NIV-26127a" title="See footnote a">a</a>]'>[<a href="#fen-NIV-26127a" title="See footnote a">a</a>]</sup>

That leaves just [a] and nothing else. I still need the text before that part. It's only the "a]'>" part that should get removed. It should show: 16This is normal text. [a]

Previously, it did, but also included the a]'> part.

Thanks for helping.

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