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Those of you that focus your effort in assisting others in the community should be ashamed of yourselves.

And why should I (or anybody else) be ashamed of ourselves? There is little that can be done by any one of us to assist you with this problem. The manner in which you were ultimately helped was *entirely* due to starbucks_mafia pointing the finger at wine and fixing the problem there. If you *expect* people on this forum to fix your wine installation, you're in the wrong place. In any case, nobody here has anything to be ashamed of, and we all take pride in helping people with mIRC issues *when there is something that can be done*. The pointing of fingers in this case is completely justified- the problem is indeed caused by a wine bug, the proper solution is *not* to change mirc for the bug's sake.

I use wine. The *wine bug* pisses me off. However, if my level of caring rose above my "do something about it" threshold, I would consult the people at Wine, not mIRC, about fixing it. I don't solve my problems by asking for features in mIRC to be disabled in order to hide a problem with other software-- *that* is bloat. More importantly, I wouldn't consider disabling the lines as a valid solution to the problem regardless if mIRC implemented it because I'd want the lines to show up in Wine.

Every one of my personal decision flowcharts has inevitably gravitated to Wine needing the fix, so the conclusion is 100% valid in my eyes. Now, if a user has a valid reason to suggest this feature (like finding that the line display takes up too much room), I would support that suggestion. But if the suggestion is simply there to hide a bug in wine, we return to my decision flowchart and come full circle to wine needing a fix.

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