(Note: all "you"'s should be taken in the general term, this is not a direct reply to anybody in particular)

No offense but people here have been wasting so much time complaining to the WRONG PERSON. You should be taking this up with wine, not Khaled. Have you even submitted a post or email on their mailing list notifying them of the bug? I assume not. A patch in their software could have been disseminated within days if they actually were made aware this is a problem instead of waiting months wining on a messageboard for someone to fix your problem the *wrong* way.

I oppose any changes in software that add bloat to a feature-set when the justification is a hack/workaround to a bug in other software that isn't even meant to be supported-- ESPECIALLY when that software is open source and has a much faster release cycle than mIRC.

Conclusion: Frankly, if you (anybody who's complaining) haven't yet contacted WINE HQ about the issue, this thread is completely moot and you (everybody who's complaining) shouldn't be posting here.

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