ALSO.. I've experienced display glitches in addition to "weird" input errors, but after installing CrossOver Pro 7 everything was squared away.

Just to ring in my two cents as I'm a paying customer AND (ex) avid scripter in the community:

1. A single toggle feature (an additional menu item and a one byte setting in mirc.ini) DOESN'T bloat the program unlike other features that cater to the FEW versus the MANY. I'll spare my opinions and rants of such features, as I feel everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and preferences.

2. As more Linux distributions mature, in addition of becoming more popular, the community can expect to see an influx of these "unrelated" issues such as arise with new converts wishing to partake in the mIRC community. Pointing the finger at the respective cause (this case being the emulator) is poor camaraderie. Those of you that focus your effort in assisting others in the community should be ashamed of yourselves. Those of you operating the help channels will assist someone with BASIC scripting help for HOURS, but if something unfamiliar comes along your way, you run cowardly to your scapegoat pointing proudly.

Yes, this wasn't a Windows issue, but if something as simple as being able to disable a new feature in mIRC (like the many other switchable ones) would resolve the issue, then WHY knock it on that principle? Because YOU don't use Wine? Because it doesn't effect YOU? For every new version of Windows, there seems to be a lot of compatibility added/changes to cater to those needing them to run mIRC properly *cough*Vista*cough*. Yet hardly anybody complains over THAT bloat!

Think about what you're snapping at next time before you reply. Btw starbucks, thank you for ringing in with the fix. Quite a few people have been griping about it in the various Wine lists, so I'm sure they'll wonder over too =/